Dry Run Watershed

The Dry Run Farmer-Led Watershed Council is a group of farmers working together to improve soil and water conservation within the Dry Run watershed. The council was established 2013.

Apply to receive funds for conservation with our 2023 Conservation Incentive Application.

Vision statement: Create a community of farmers within our watershed who profitably farm while minimizing loss of nutrients to surface and groundwater.

Mission statement: Explore, educate, and incentivize agronomic practices that reduce erosion and increase nutrient efficiency on agricultural land.

Goals: 1) Increase use of protection zones in key areas such as those adjacent to water bodies and sinkholes. 2) Decrease local tillage (especially fall tillage) while maintaining local farm profitability. 3) Increase the use of cover crops to prevent erosion and utilize unused nutrients while maintaining farm profitability.

The Dry Run watershed encompasses the area outlined in green.

To promote farmer learning, council members organize events such as workshops, field days, and seminars.

The council offers incentives to farmers in the watershed for implementing conservation practices including grassed waterways, soil testing, farm walkovers, buffer strips, and cover crops.

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