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Nitrogen Stabilizers in Horse Creek

June 1st, 2023
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Horse Creek Test Plot

Although we try to focus on agronomic management with fewer inputs to save farmers money, there can be a benefit to adding a nitrogen stabilizer to your fields. We will have research and industry professionals available to talk through the costs and benefits, and factors to consider for profitable management of stabilizers.

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Dry Run Buffer Event

June 20th, 2023
Locational TBD

Adding a buffer to a field sounds like a good option many times when you take a look at the profit margins of those edge rows. However, seeing the weedy mess that can sometimes occur in the first year, makes many farmers cringe. We’ll see multiple sites and talk about what to expect and how to create a successful buffer that works for you.

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Past Newsletters & Events

Past Newsletters

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Soybeans Fieldside Chat – Horse Creek

Test Plot Midseason Popup Field Day – South Kinni

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Northwest Spring Social

Aerially seeded rye follow-up fieldside chat – Dry Run

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Managing Soil Health with Ray Archuleta

Non-Operating Landowner Education Night – South Kinni

Health Farms, Healthy Foods, Healthy Watersheds Farm Tour

No-till & Pizza Night in River Falls: Field-side chat

Planting Covers into Rye in New Richmond: Field-side chat

Pierce County Roller Crimper: Field-side chat

2021 Lake Family Farm Field Day Flyer

Drone Seeding Cover Crops: Field-side chat

Aerial Seeding Cover Crops: Field-side chat

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